Pastry and Baking Arts Program

Does Pastry and Baking interest you?
Now is the time

Have you ever thought of a culinary or pastry arts career?  Do you see yourself happy with the experience of people enjoying your creative food or pastry creations?  Then now is the time to start your new career.   In just months you can graduate from the Pastry and Baking Arts program and begin your exciting new career in the dynamic hospitality field of pastry and baking Arts.

Our program has a Latin Twist

Located in heart of Miami’s Calle Ocho, Florida Education Institute’s Pastry and Baking Arts program offers students a unique program that not only touches the international pastry training and baking fundamentals of countries such as France, Italy, and contemporary American variations, but our program does it with a Latin Twist.   Our program embraces and is influenced by Latin American and Cuban pastry and baking.

The Latin influence on the culinary scene in the U.S. has grown significantly in the past few years. From cooking shows to the incorporation of ingredients and dishes on American menus, Latin cuisine and latin chefs are gaining national recognition and presence.

Is this career for you?

Do you love sweets?  Do you love cakes?  Do you love baking?  Do you love to serve others?  Do you love to be the presenter of your creation and be the one that puts it all together?  Passion and desire are big things in this career.   If so, consider the career of Pastry and Baking Arts.

Successful Baking and Pastry Arts students can be described as:

• Passion for sweets, cakes and baking
• Creative
• Artistic
• Attention to Detail
• Adaptability/Flexibility
• Dependable
• Fast pace workers

Some of the coursework in our program covers:

• Pastry and Baking Fundamentals
• Classic Pastry
• Latin and International Pastries
• Baking Principles
• Custards, Puddings, Mousses, and Soufflés
• Cake Assembling and Decorating
• Wedding and Special Event Cakes

Pastry and Baking Arts at FEI

In our professional bakery you will be taught by talented and experienced chef-instructors who love to teach and for students to succeed.  You will begin with the fundamentals of using baking and pastry tools and starting to develop the skills and techniques.  Our classes are hands-on, so you will be learning by doing.  Whether you want to work at a local restaurant or own your own specialized bakery one day, this program will give you the foundation you need.

Pastry and Baking Arts diploma

Our program offers students the knowledge and skills to begin their careers in the Pastry and Baking Arts field.  Our Diploma program focuses on hands-on, real-world experiences can really help students with obtaining the right techniques, speed and agility, teamwork skills and the work ethic for a successful career in the culinary or pastry and baking industries.

Few fields can combine art and technique as beautifully as the Pastry and Baking Arts.  Florida Education Institute’s Pastry and Baking Arts program is designed to provide students with the basic understanding of concepts and skills for a career in the pastry and baking industry.  This program introduces the student to the fundamental techniques and preparations, including:

• The making of a wide variety of pastries
• Chocolate and sugar artistry
• Laminating dough
• Cake design and decoration
• Artisanal breads
• Hot and cold desserts
• Dessert presentations

• Pastries and baking for special events
• Food safety and sanitation
• Deserts from different cultures
• Inventory and buying supplies
• The importance of team service
• Guest satisfaction
• Work ethic and professionalism

Emphasis is placed on accurate performance, patience, diligent hand skills, and understanding pastry and baking principles. Throughout this program food safety and sanitation, basic shop organization, and professionalism are emphasized. This program is designed with employability in mind.

Employment and career opportunities:

Graduates of our Pastry and Baking Arts program may qualify be qualified for the following careers:
• Pastry Chef and Assistant Pastry Chef
• Baker and Assistant Baker
• Cake Decorator
• Pastry Cooks
• Self-employed/Business Owner (having experience is highly recommended)