Incredible Support is Our Goal

The goal of Career Services at FEI is to assist students and graduates while providing “incredible support” during each student’s journey to success.   All graduates in all schools, colleges and universities go through the same success process after graduation: the hard work and determination necessary to get that first job after graduation.  Well, we know a lot about this.

Throughout the years we have developed a series of “Success Habits” that are incorporated in just about everything our students experience during their education at Florida Education Institute.  In addition, we have also found many career development and success techniques that can assist our graduates after graduation.  However, the entire process, from enrollment to graduation to getting your first job, must be enjoyable.  We do all we can to get you happy about your future.

So our Career Services believes in giving our students and graduates “incredible support” while having fun and looking forward optimistically at the future.  We know students have a better shot at success when they feel supported and encouraged.  For this reason, we focus on each student at a very personal level, and always making sure that our students know we are here to help them reach their goals.