The FEI Advantage

We know the skills students need to succeed.  Career-focused education is what Florida Education Institute is about.  Our bilingual programs are designed to help our Hispanic students get into careers in the United States.  We work closely with employers so we can open door for our graduates.  We believe students succeed in education and in life when when they get the right personal attention in the learning process.  That’s why our caring faculty and staff make all the difference.

Success Habits

Education is the process of getting the best you have to come out.  We understand that students need a well rounded technical education to prepare them for a career in their chosen field.  That is a must.However, for students to know the “Success Habits” that really make people reach their potential is very important.  At Florida Education Institute we will introduce you to our 10 Success Habits so you can combine them with your new technical skills.  If you are true to yourself.  It will make all the difference in the world in your future.  We will help you get there.

You’ll Never Be a Number

At FEI, we believe that providing you with a caring, supportive faculty and staff will have a positive impact on your learning and journey to success.  We know our students by name and are committed to your academic, personal, and professional success.  Discover why FEI’s student-first approach, individual attention, and our caring instructors and staff set us apart from other schools.


Florida Education Institute Offers Programs For Students Pursuing Careers In Less Than A Year

Pharmacy Technician

 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Culinary Arts

Pastry & Baking Arts

Medical Assistant

 Medical Billing & Coding

Medical Office Administrator (A.A.S.Degree)

Business Management

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“The experience at FEI helped me a lot because the things they taught me at school gave me a head start…”

Maria Chach

“It felt like if I was part of the school when
I hadn’t even started yet… ”

Rey Estrada

“The teachers and the staff at FEI pay a lot of attention to the student. They want them to graduate just like I am doing here today…”

Jharmalidys Alvarado