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What We Do

Our Career Services team is all about energy and enthusiasm.  We believe in having fun while going through the educational process and employment process after graduation.  This is a process that requires a lot of optimism.  And how can you stay optimistic if you are not having fun!

Our Career Services Mission:  Have fun while empowering and providing incredible support to FEI students and graduates.

Our Career Services Office covers “Student Services”to active students and “Graduate Services” to graduates.  Here are some of the quality services we provide (at no cost to our students):

  • Provide necessary support for success
  • An active and motivating learning environment
  • Personal attention in academic advising
  • Personal attention while developing trust and confidence
  • Assist graduates with employment search and career success
  • Guidance and techniques for graduate success
  • Building a social media presence
  • One-on-one career support for graduates
  • Career Support workshops weekly
  • Career building resources
  • Career networking
  • Career development events
  • Community resources network
  • Organized and intelligent employment search
  • “Get to know Employers” Seminars
  • Connecting with Employers
  • Providing valuable information about careers and Employers
  • Preparing active students for after graduation employment and career success

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