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Education Brings Out the Best in You

Education is the process of bringing out the best in you.  Florida Education Institute’s programs are designed to do just that:  Bring out the best in you!  Our educational model is centered around the personal attention our people give our students’ success goals and to teach our students only what they need to start their chosen careers.  

That is why our education delivery approach is to be Fun, Active, and Motivating (FAM).  Fun because learning is best accomplished when having fun.  Active because we teach mostly with hands-on or learn-by-doing methods.  Motivating because our students need to be supported and encouraged every step of the way.  We like to say FAM stands for our family and caring learning environment.  

We are a school where each student is important.  We get to know you personally.  You are never a number.  This is not only what we want, it is what our students tell us every day we are very proud of that.  It’s the best way for education to bring out the best in you!

Preparing for Success

Florida Education Institute’s education is student-centered and employer-driven. What does that mean? Student-centered means making sure students learntheir way.  Employer driven is what our curriculum is all about.  We want to prepare our students for success and employers are the ones that dictate what skills are most valuable and necessary.  

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